australia day long weekend: part two.

For our second day we had quite a lot lined up - the highlight being St George OpenAir Cinema in the evening! No day is complete without a coffee and breakfast.

I had eggs benedict - except with bacon instead of ham. Winner.

We went shopping during the day and stopped off for lunch at Chinese restaurant Chef's Gallery. The food was okay - kind of regretting I didn't get the wonton soup!

In the evening we went to the OpenAir cinema! This was the reason I actually booked the trip. I went up last year and I loved it so much that I decided I had to go again, except this time I got tickets through work (yay for being a VIP on the guest list!). The other difference was the weather. SO much rain. With the cyclone on the Gold Coast, Sydney got hit with torrential rains. Luckily the show could still go on, albeit quite wet and with these glorious ponchos.

Not all was bad though, my dinner was excellent - I had beef cooked in red wine sauce with cauliflower puree and caramelised shallots! And a glass of red wine, as always.

The set up has the most glorious views.

The film we saw was Movie 43. It was atrocious. Seriously, one of the worst films I've seen in a long long time. Thank god the experience of the cinema itself is top notch or I'd have been annoyed. Whatever you do - don't see it.

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