australia day long weekend: part one.

Sorry I've been absent the past week, it's been a busy week of travel, work, games nights, Birthday parties and engagement parties! I'll catch up first with last weekend - which was the Australia Day long weekend.

I flew up to Sydney Saturday morning to meet my friend Holly. We got ourselves a little apartment for the weekend and had planned lots of things - including going to St George OpenAir Cinema! Funnily enough I never celebrate Australia Day, but this year we thought we'd at least make some sort of effort.

The lovely view from our apartment balcony.

After checking into our apartment, we went down to the waterfront for lunch. We had hamburgers and milkshakes, caught up on all the things that had happened in recent months and made plans for the rest of the weekend.

 After lunch we drove down to Bondi Beach to take advantage of the good weather.

The beach, as you can see, was absolutely gorgeous! And to be honest, not as busy as I thought it would be.

Our view from our little spot on the beach.

It was a pretty lazy and relaxing afternoon on the beach. We went down to the water a couple of times, stood in it, then came back to our spot, haha.

Pretty sure I was the only one on the beach wearing boots and sporting a Mulberry handbag.

After our short beach stint, we decided to walk along the water front. We found a place giving away free fairy floss - which was excellent - and then sat down for some beach-side cocktails! Deliciously refreshing!

We went back to our apartment to freshen up a bit, and then it was out to dinner! We went to the amazing Criniti's on the pier at Woolloomooloo and feasted on cheese, seafood and gin.

This was our entree sized plate of scallops. The biggest scallops I have ever seen - served with noodles. Just incredible.

Not knowing how big the scallops were, we ordered a second entree (bad decision as I couldn't even eat my main!) of deep fried buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Yum.

I had the garlic prawns for my main. But unfortunately I could only eat a couple before I just couldn't fit in any more food! Boourns.

Such a perfect, relaxing day. And probably the best Australia Day I've ever had.

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