The last two days I've been in Switzerland. Such a gorgeous country. I was in awe of the architecture - almost completely void of any contemporary buildings.  We arrived in Basel in the morning and ventured into the Christmas market.

After a short stroll through the markets we did a few hours wandering around the old town area.

We then did what needed to be done, given our location - we had hot chocolates. Without a doubt the best hot chocolate I have ever had. A good hot chocolate in Melbourne is like swamp scum compared to this. And to accompany it, a box of macarons!

Across the road was the puppetry and toy museum which was too good not to pass up.

Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside - but I did snap this shot of the window display.

My feet were pretty sore from all the walking, so I just wandered back to the hotel and got a few more photos of the buildings and scenery. 

This fountain made me laugh. DIE GOOSE, DIE!

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