last day in edinburgh.

My last day in Edinburgh was on Friday (I will explain my absence soon) was a great one too.
I met up with a high school friend who moved here mid-year 2012, and we had coffee for three hours at probably the best Melbourne-like coffee place I've been thus far around Europe. Gosh I miss Melbourne coffee. 

For the evening, we wanted to make the last night memorable (and delicious!) - like Paris - so we went to The Honours for dinner, which is owned by a Michelin star chef.

We shared Bloody Mary oysters for our entree. They were very tasty - but I would have liked more of a tang!

For my main, I had the pork belly. And wow. This is probably the best pork belly I have ever had. So tender, so much flavour... just amazing.

My parents had the ox cheeks - which I had a taste of - that were also amazing.

And lastly, dessert! I had a glass of frangelico and a scoop of toffee caramel ice cream. It was to die for.

My brother opted to have the local deep-fried Mars Bar. I'm glad I didn't.

Saturday we left on the train for London!

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