edinburgh & hogmanay.

We arrived in Edinburgh on the 29th. After a long train ride from Paris it was nice to be greeted with this beautiful sunset.

Fish & chips + wine for dinner. Staple. The place we went to had an amusing pizza sign.  Jumanji on TV was an excellent bonus to my night in.


The street I'm staying in!

I spent the day with my friend, Jake - who I haven't seen since he moved to Scotland over a year ago. It was so lovely to catch up and hang out. We wandered through the city, did a little shopping and stopped for coffee and mulled wine in the afternoon.

Then it was up to Edinburgh Castle for the view of the city at night.

Scotland has brought out the green in my eyes.

Yesterday's main event for Hogmanay was the torch carrying festival. It was quite incredible. The warmth of the fire was brilliant - and the smell! Tonight Edinburgh smells like someone blew out all the candles on the biggest birthday cake of all time. Glorious. I can't wait to see what New Years Eve is like tonight! I'll see you all in the new year.

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