viva pedro.

I finally made it through this bad boy. Eight films, 827 minutes, all Pedro Almodovar.
I'd seen a couple already, actually.. but let's disregard that. I decided to see my first Pedro Almodovar film many years ago, and judging from all the rave reviews and fame I opted for All About My Mother. That seems to have been a mistake though, because I didn't really think much of it and never bothered to see anything else.
Until early this year, when I saw The Skin I Live In - which was marvelous. I sought out a few others after that, and then ventured to this collection.

Almodovar is pretty consistently above average. His films all tend to have rich colour palettes, reoccurring actors and actresses and deal heavily with themes and stories based around human sexuality. I could review them all but I'll save you some time and just give you some ratings.

All About My Mother  5/10
Bad Education  6.5/10
The Flower of My Secret  6/10
Law of Desire  5/10
Live Flesh  6.5/10
Matador  6.5/10
Talk To Her  7/10
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown  5/10

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