bad movie night xv.

Last night was bad movie night - a tradition of my friends and I, where we get the worst of the worst movies and watch them in the hope of finding something hilarious. Yesterday marked our fifteenth bad movie night. Unfortunately it was a shorter one than usual due to work, so we only had time to watch three films - A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1989), Batman (1966) and Howling III: The Marsupials (1988). What made this edition of bad movie night ever better was that we played a drinking game - with moustaches!

We each cut out a moustache and stuck it on the screen. Anytime the moustache lined up with someone's face - you drank. It made watching such terrible films very bearable and even made the funny moments within the film even MORE funny.

All in all a successful night of pizza/popcorn/chocolate/potato chip eating, laughter and as always - awful, awful films.


This morning we went out for breakfast. I had a delicious bruschetta with avocado, bacon, pesto, tomato, herbs, goats cheese... basically everything amazing. We sat in the sun, drank iced coffees/mochas and had lots of good conversation.

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