Yesterday night I went to the Astor and saw an advance screening of The Master as well as a Q&A with the director himself - Paul Thomas Anderson. It was quite an evening! The film was good, particularly the acting and soundtrack - I'd be surprised if Joaquin Phoenix doesn't earn himself an Oscar nomination for his performance. However, it was slightly tedious at times and meanders toward the end. The highlight was definitely when he did shots of tequila on stage. Although I must mention what a swell guy he seems like - really rad.


Tonight I cooked scallops for dinner then went out for dessert and coffee at the Lindt cafe near my house. I also did a bit of Halloween shopping! As always, the party is at my house this year. It's my favourite day of the year! However, it's really edging closer to the day and I still haven't finished preparing - eep. However I'm glad to announce the soundtrack for the evening is now complete - here's a little teaser:

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