bye bye ling ling.

Today I spent the afternoon and evening with my good friend Ling. She's about to move overseas so I helped her pack, then we played Mario Party, followed by Mario Kart. Then we went out to dinner at Vietnamese restaurant, Miss Chu. It was fairly small and extremely busy - we had to wait for a table - on a Tuesday night! Crazy. The decor was very cute though (bowls for light fixtures), the ordering system was fun (tick everything off on order sheets), and the food was really quite good. Their Shanghai Pork dumplings were great, the vegetarian spring rolls were really unique (deep fried crunchy netting instead of pastry!), but the peking duck was only adequate - I've had much better. Another trip is in order, I'd love to try more - especially for such reasonable prices! Hooray for new go-to restaurants.

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