A couple of weeks ago I went to my friend Alex's holiday house in the woods for the weekend. It was such a great escape. We made pizzas, drank wine, wore silly hats, sat by the fire and played games.

My pizza turned out a bit bubbly - but it tasted delicious!

A bizarre Lizzie McGuire board game we played. It was so incredibly stupid we decided to burn it in the fire. That made the game much more fun.

Next, Tom and I played a game I used to play when I was little. You write a story and omit all the adjectives, then write a separate list of adjectives - your partner does the same thing - then you swap stories and add in the adjectives! So many laughs. Here are our stories:

Sleepy Ed.

Alex's backyard - so lovely!

The next day we drove back to Melbourne. On the way back we stopped by Daylesford for a little bit of shopping + coffee and cake.

I need more of these weekends.

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