Lazy Day

I made omelettes for breakfast. I'm horrible at turning them so they always look unappealing in the end - but they taste good!

I also watched the four hour A Nightmare On Elm Street documentary Never Sleep Again. It was really fascinating, such an in depth look into the creation of the series. I particularly loved the stop motion animated introduction that carried throughout the chapter changes, it was really well done. I cannot appreciate enough the effort that goes into making old films, they were so creative. Hours of prosthetics, make up, stop motion, coming up with amazing solutions for special effects like spinning rooms and reversed footage... You don't get that these days, it's all just CGI, which is a shame. And even though the sequels to the original all pale in comparison, I still admire the production behind them and the creative processes used to achieve the final product. I'm sure anyone who enjoys hearing about the production of films would find this fascinating.

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